Frequently Asked Questions 

✦  Are you a ballerina?

Well, I was, I danced ballet for 4 years before I stopped.

Right now I’m taking belly dance classes, which is now my favourite dance.


✦  Which program do you use to make gifs?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 Portable.


How do you make gifs, exactly?

Here’s a tutorial that is not mine. 

Also, I have made my own tutorials concerning gifs.


How do you get your sidebar gif to change whenever you refresh the page? (*I may or not be using this script by the moment you’re reading this)

Go here. The first part is explained there, but the second part is: just go to your HTML and search for <img src=”{image:Sidebar}”> , delete it and paste the second part.


✦  Where are you from?

From this planet, I guarantee you. No need to be suspicious.

Seriously though, I’m not telling you. 


(insert any compliment about my blog here)

Thank you! I love it when people show me their appreciation, so please don’t hold it back :3 .


✦  Check out my blog?

Sure! If I like it, I’ll follow you.


✦  FollOw meh baAack? / Promo meeee?